Services & Typical Applications

We offer an integrated approach to Canada Goose control. An integrated approach means that we recognize that no one method by itself will completely end the problems associated with a Goose infestation/habitation.

We rely on the following process to solve the problem in an effective manner.

  1. Initial meeting and site visit.
    • During this visit we will attempt to get a history of the problem at the site. Knowing the history of a site helps us to determine if the problem is a seasonal one, or a year round. This is a primary determination in establishing a budget and accurate quote.
  2. We will compile the information from the site visit into a detailed proposal. The proposal will be done with the goal of breaking the imprinting (see about Canada Geese on the links page) of the Geese to the site.
    • The key to breaking the imprinting of Geese to a site involves these three key components
      • Make the Geese feel unsafe at the site
      • Make the food source unpalatable for the Geese
      • Identify, mark and addle/oil nests at the site.

    To accomplish the above three steps we will utilize some of the below services:

    Flight Control Plus repellant application

    Flight Control Plus is by far the most important step in getting immediate relief from Canada Geese. We have partnered with the makers of Flight Control Plus to better develop a program that will minimize, if not eliminate Geese at your property. Please visit our partners website at to learn more about the product and its application. Want to apply it yourself? We are happy to do a first application for you, sell you product, or consult on proper application techniques and times of the year to apply.

    Dog Hazing

    We use trained dogs to establish a predatory environment on the grounds. Use of the dogs will help to augment applications of Flight Control Plus, and may allow far less area to have to be treated.

    Nest locating, egg oiling or removal

    Regardless of other methods, having nesting Geese on a property will generally defeat all other control actions taken. We will apply for the proper permit, locate the nests, and oil the eggs according to the MSPCA and Humane Society protocol.


    We can install exclusionary fencing at certain times of the year to keep Geese off of your property.


    We can consult with your agency, gather data and report on the problem, as well as make recommendations for services. We can train interested staff members on maintaining a program from year to year.